Samuel Headrick

Electronic and Computer Works

Five Electronic Pieces
Five different pieces - created using the electronic music studios of the University of North Texas, the Eastman School of Music, M.I.T. and Boston University.     9 minutes.

Music 11 Computer Piece
Created at the M.I.T. Computer Music Studio;   1 minute.

Journeys of Ulysses
For tape alone (analog synthesis); two versions: 10 minutes; 15 minutes.

Cimbalon Music
For live cimbalon and analog & computer generated electronic music recorded tape; 12 minutes.

Concertante for Amplified Tenor, Percussion and Tape
For amplified tenor voice, amplified percussion and analog electronic music recorded on tape; 15 minutes.

Concertante for Amplified Baritone, Percussion and Tape
For baritone voice, percussion and tape; 15 minutes.

Concertante for Amplified Cello and Tape
For cello and tape; 13 minutes.