Samuel Headrick


HOSTAGE is an opera that exists in two versions:  as a three-act, fully orchestrated opera and as a one-act opera with piano accompaniment.  The work was written with the support of an Opera Collaborative Fellowship from the National Endowment for the Arts.

The following video was created from live performances of the one-act version premiered at
the 11th Annual Fringe Festival of  the Boston University Opera Institute.


Also, here are links to series of excerpts from Hostage:

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Original Story & Libretto: Craig Wich
Composer: Sam Headrick

Director and Editor of the Video-Opera: Joe Headrick
Concept for a one-act opera drawn from the original three-act opera: Sharon Daniels
Creator of this specific one-act opera (drawn from his original three-act opera): Craig Wich

Music Director & Pianist:  William Lumpkin
Stage Director:  Craig Wich

Jonathan Orfeo (the hostage) -  Jeff Nardone
Laura (the wife) – Sarah Beckham
Guard – Benjamin Werth
Head Bureaucrat -  Bradley Smoak
Bureaucrat #2 – James Thompson
Chorus of Bureaucrats/Reporters –
    Mario Arevalo
    Aneta Augustyn
    William Johson
    Heather Karowski
    Kristyn Kubera
    Brian Major
    Cassie Santiago
    Bradley Smoak
    Josh Taylor
    James Thompson

Production Staff for the Video-Opera:
Joe Headrick – Director and Editor; Operator - Camera One            
Ethan Goldhammer - Camera Two
Hayley Santolucito  - Camera Three

Boston University Opera Institute:
Sharon Daniels: Director of Opera Programs
Phyllis Curtin: Artistic Advisor
William Lumpkin: Music Director and Conductor
Richard Frost: Opera Manager
Kristyn Kubera: Scheduling Assistant
Kara Harris: Programs and Production Assistant
Zhanna Alkhazova: Administrative Assistant

Production Staff for the Live Production:
     Scenic Coordinator – Ian Schaff
    Lighting Designer – Rachel West
    Costume Coordinator – Natalie Turturro
    Sound Coordinator – Matt Walsh
    Stage Manager – Paige Causey
    Production Manager – Jamie Croasdale
    Assistant Stage Manager – Jessica Stansfield
    Technical Director – Katie Wilson
    Asst. Technical Director – Nick Kuhl
    Asst. Scenic Designer – Michael Besancon
    Asst. Costume Coordinator – Taylor Ashbrook
    Asst. Lighting Designer – Chris Brusberg
    Asst. Lighting Dsn for ML - Nikki Pierce
    Master Electrician/Light Board Operator – Aaron Gettinger
    Run Crew – Alexei Acosta, Dayna Cousins, & Clifton Dunn
    Wardrobe Crew – Katheryn Clark, Paul Leopold, & Melanie Mah